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Prices and Programs

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Below is a list of the programs I offer. Although each program has certain parameters associated with it, the content of each program is completely dependent upon your needs and the goals we set. In other words, these are not "off the shelf' solutions. For a side by side comparison of all the programs please click here.


All pricing is done either by the Project (Custom Mentoring) or by the Program. Project based pricing is done on a flat fee per project. The fee is based on the value it brings to you and your restaurant and not the time spent. This allows us to stay focused on the task at hand. Program pricing is determined by which program you choose and the length of the engagement.


If you follow my advice, and I am not able to achieve the goal(s) we set out to achieve, I will work for free until it is accomplished.

Payment Terms

I understand the financial challenges independent restaurants face, so I am willing to work with you on payment terms. There is never any additional fee or interest charged for this.

Pay After™

Staying true to the idea of not being a traditional restaurant consultant, I have decided to offer a payment plan where you Pay After™ my services have been given. Not all projects and programs qualify for this plan but most do. Under this plan, you will pay $300.00 at the beginning of the project. At the end of the first month you will pay the contracted monthly price minus the $300.00. Your next full payment will not be due until the end of the following month and so on. By allowing my clients to pay this way, it relieves the initial monetary burden usually associated with using traditional consultants.

Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, and All Major Credit Cards accepted (through PayPal)
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Referral Incentive

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